PMR Technology


Peters Marketing Research (PMR) partners with top-rated technology providers to supply you with reliable results.

We work with the following resource experts and their high-quality options:


  • In-house software; for streaming, digital audio and digital video recordings


  • Remote and in-facility streaming in HD
  • Video conferencing in HD
  • Visit the FocusVision website


  • Eye tracking labs
  • Usability labs
  • Video report highlight reel
  • Visit the IVP website

Our current offerings include:

  • Video streaming -- enlightening visual capabilities from our facility (or any location) via secure online portal
  • Video conferencing -- enables communication between the client and facility site in order to see (on-site video camera) and hear (two-way interaction) each other before, during and after a project
  • Online focus groups & interviews -- offers a qualitative research solution for respondents at various remote locations with full two-way audio and video capabilities
  • Online bulletin boards -- features multimedia and collaboration platform with bulletin board and social media features
  • Online chat boards -- allows respondents and moderators to collaborate in real time via chat-based groups platform with a live, intuitive collaboration space
  • Eye tracking labs -- climb into the consumer's mind to gain true product insight