Online Research

Online Research

Our online survey research involves gathering vital information through engaging surveys. Our online survey research method is fast, economical, and convenient. Respondents can be located anywhere and complete surveys on their own time via their mobile and/or desktop device.

Benefits to online survey research are multi-fold. From short-and-sweet to in-depth and extensive, Peters Marketing Research (PMR) online surveys are programmed and distributed in an extremely timely manner.

Reasons online survey research works

  • Cost-effective
  • Prompt result turnaround
  • Full-scale visual aids for better survey comprehension
  • Reaches anyone and everyone with an Internet connection
  • Enables respondents to answer questions at their own pace and in their own space
  • Ability to start, stop and later complete surveys when convenient
  • Ensures anonymity and privacy

User-friendly features

  • Rigid quota controls
  • Image inserts to enhance visual concepts
  • Statement and image rotation
  • Complete mobile device and computer support
  • Magnification and alterations of images
  • Management of quality control questions
  • Intricate skip patterns and logic employed seamlessly

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For more information, please contact Jennifer Peters-Scott at (314) 469-9022 to learn more about the many benefits of PMR's online research capabilities.