Online Research

Online Research

Our online research involves gathering vital information through engaging Internet surveys. This leading-edge method is fast, economical, and convenient. What's even better: a respondent can be located - and reachable - anywhere in the world. That's right, anywhere!

Benefits to online research are multi-fold. From short and sweet to in-depth and extensive, Peters Marketing Research (PMR) surveys can be programmed and distributed in an extremely timely manner.

Reasons online research works

  • Highly cost-effective
  • Rapid result turnaround
  • Full-scale visual aids for better survey comprehension
  • Reaches anyone and everyone with an Internet connection
  • Enables respondents to answer questions at their own pace and in their own space
  • Ability to start, stop and later complete surveys when convenient
  • Ensures anonymity and privacy
  • Results remain accessible for an extended time period

User-friendly features

  • Rigid quota controls
  • Image inserts to enhance visual concepts
  • Statement and image rotation
  • Complete mobile device and computer support
  • Magnification and alterations of images
  • Management of quality control questions
  • Intricate skip patterns and logic employed seamlessly

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For more information, please contact Jennifer Peters-Scott at (314) 469-9022 to learn more about the many benefits of PMR's online research capabilities.