Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research

When Peters Marketing Research (PMR) says we offer complete marketing research solutions, we mean it. In addition to qualitative research, for over 60 years we have offered flexible quantitative research methods.

Specializing in project design, methodology selection, screener and questionnaire development, recruiting, data collection, and reporting, our highly skilled quantitative team conducts a wide range of research methodologies including:

Central Location Tests (CLT)
PMR is an expert at conducting CLT's at our testing center as well as at any one of our nationwide research-network partner locations. All network partners are trained and equipped to use our proprietary data collection software for:

  • Concept and/or Package Research/Testing
  • Package Research/Testing
  • Product Research
  • Sniff Testing
  • Taste Testing
  • Triangle Testing
  • Usability Studies

In-Home Use Tests (IHUT)
Locally and nationwide, respondents assess products at their home and/or on-the-go and provide detailed feedback.

Online Surveys
Fast, economical, and convenient. What's even better: a respondent can be located - and is reachable - anywhere in the world. To learn more about Online Surveys, Click Here.

Our Quantitative research team offers the following benefits:

Testing Center
The PMR Testing Center is located inside our headquarters in St. Louis, MO. It offers:

  • Individual computer stations with software-guided surveys (with supervisors present)
  • Multiple room configuration styles
  • Lighting designed specifically to facilitate marketing research sensory work
  • Client-controlled heating and cooling
  • Refrigerator
PMRSurveys provides an online venue for data collection. Created by our in-house IT and Quantitative teams, PMRSurveys is used by PMR and our network of research partners to gather data on our CLTs, IHUTs and Online Surveys. Our technology delivers fast turnaround while eliminating data entry errors. To learn more about PMRSurveys.com, Click Here.

Field Management
We have extensive experience in managing multi-city quantitative projects. Don't spend your day tracking down multiple markets when one call to PMR does it all.

Data Collection
Information is accumulated in person, by telephone or online...all with statistical accuracy and technological expertise.

The data collection is done and you're left with all of the data...now what? Let PMR interpret the results for you and create a report. Already have a custom report template? We can work with that. Need PMR to build the report from the ground up? We've got you covered. Our team has extensive knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Take advantage of our style, adaptability, and eye for detail.

PMR is flexible. If your project requires all of our capabilities or some, we'd love to partner with you!

Please contact Jennifer Peters-Scott at (314) 469-9022 for a quote on your next quantitative research project.