Recruiting Services

Recruiting Services

Recruiting Services
We recruit people. All kinds of people. From consumers and patients to business owners and healthcare professionals, Peters Marketing Research (PMR) targets individuals for their opinions and their insight.

Clients rely on our ability to connect specific individuals with the most relevant online surveys, focus groups, in-home use tests, central-location tests, in-depth interviews, shop-alongs and web-enabled interviews. At PMR, we take recruiting seriously.

The Process
Candidate selection is a methodical process. We start by emailing or texting a preliminary screener to a targeted group chosen from tens of thousands of opt-in database members or pulled from a client-supplied list. Potential respondents easily complete, via mobile or desktop devices, a series of questions to determine their eligibility for a particular project. If qualified, potential respondents are taken through the entire screener via telephone with a PMR trained interviewer. The final step: qualified recruits are booked!

It is a straightforward and disciplined process, perfected through years of experience and care.

The Counts
Our ever-growing consumer database consists of:

  • Over 150,000 opt-in individual consumers with 90% from the St. Louis metro area and 10% from outside of the St. Louis metro area
  • 3,300 opt-in healthcare professionals from the St. Louis metro area and another 1,000 opt-in healthcare professionals from outside the St. Louis metro area

The Approach
We've been managing and updating consumer, business and medical professionals database for years!

PMR searches our databases by:

  • Demographics and/or;
  • A subject-based search including leads on pets, diseases, automobiles, beverages and much more.

The Results
At PMR, our systems sort through collected data 24/7/365. We have the largest databases of consumer, business and healthcare professionals in the St. Louis and surrounding areas. Our online screening, combined with onsite interviewer accuracy, provides the highest quality respondent available in the marketplace.

For further details about our recruiting services, please contact Katie Peters Miller at (314) 469-9022.