Online Research

Our online research capabilities play an important role in both our Qualitative and Quantitative projects.

Developed by our in-house staff, our online methods combine our 50 years of experience and tradition of research quality and attention to detail with today's technology.

We conduct Quantitative and Qualitative studies utilizing our own databases, commercially purchased e-panels and client provided samples.

Focus Group screening involves e-mailing likely study qualifiers and asking them to visit our online site to complete a screening questionnaire. Follow up phone verification is then conducted to ensure final qualification.

For both Qualitative and Quantitative studies, offering online questionnaires to respondents participating in in-home studies has enhanced our ability to complete quotas and interact with hard to track respondent groups.

In addition to hosting respondent behavioral diaries, we often host extended studies where our clients use our survey site as a means to communicate with buyers and users of their products.